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Jimbo Kennedy is an Oregon-based guitarist and author.

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How to Think Like Acoustic Samurai Rock Star Miyavi

April 12, 2019


"What if I'm the only person that's real? If my life is a movie and someone is filming me? And at the end of my life someone will show me the movie and ask me to apologize for my misdeeds?"


In a fantastic interview, Japanese Rockstar Miyavi describes this childhood thought, and how that thought led him to always do the right thing. He chose to work towards making people happy with guitar. But also to "take over the world".


There are many percussion or slap-guitarists these days. Candyrat Records is full of them! But Miyavi is in a class of his own. His rapid, funky, blues style has taken him from pop to metal to rock to hiphop and beyond. Having led a variety of projects since 1999, Miyavi is as unique as they come. (Miyavi's Wiki



Miyavi says Blues guitarists are his favorite, especially Stevie Ray Vaughn. He sees them as Samurai Guitarists like himself. Their spirit of guitar playing is so serious that it's a way of life.



He has an amazing set of tattoos. Many of which commemorate his failures - failures upon which he has built his success. One of the ways he describes dealing with inevitable doubt and insecurity is dismissing it with a "Thank You" when it arises. Then following that with visualizing the accomplishment of exciting goals. His tattoos serve a similar purpose, acknowledging and encouraging his efforts.



Here's another imagination exercise Miyavi uses to deal with the challenges of life. Much like the "only actor in a movie" exercise above, this one is also a what-if scenario. "What if I'm an alien? What is my purpose here? I have only a short time on this planet. What am I to do?" He says this puts him in a mission-based state of mind. One where his ego and fears don't have any power over him. Samurai for sure.



"I don't believe I'll hold the position of guitar hero forever. We are, after all, only a small part of the earth, and are parts of a cycle. Being a part of that clockwork, I have to do whatever i can do."


I hope learning about this living guitar-philosopher and his Samurai guitar perspectives has been as fascinating and valuable for you as it has for me.


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