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Jimbo Kennedy is an Oregon-based guitarist and author.

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Jimi "Music is My Religion" Hendrix

February 28, 2019


There are many "World's Greatest Guitarists" lists. But only Jimi Hendrix repeatedly gets the #1 spot. With only four years in the limelight, he didn't leave much behind. But his performances, recordings, and songs continue to blow people's minds. Here's a rare video of Jimi playing an acoustic 12-string, fingerstyle.



When people talk about Jimi, drugs usually come up. But what he did with music and with guitar amounts to more than drug-induced hallucinations. Like Robbie Basho and many other guitar masters, he described seeing music as colors even when sober. He often re-recorded Noel Redding's bass parts to get the perfect hue. But I say Jimi was himself a drug. His music is mind-altering even today. While most musicians worry about 'making it', he spent every ounce of his energy on 'perfecting it'.


As a child, Jimi carried around a broom "guitar" for an entire year. A social worker even tried to convince the state to buy him one! Throughout his adult life, he always kept a guitar close at hand. For any musicians reading this, herein lies the lesson. And if you don't have your axe nearby, follow Steve Vai's advice: visualize your practice.



In 2010, Jimi's estate published an album of unreleased recordings: "Valleys of Neptune". This music video is of a single from that album. Like a time capsule, it shows how vivid Jimi's memory remains. Long after the Sixties have faded he still represents the iconic Rock Star dream. And the power of Love.



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