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©2019 Jimbo Kennedy

Original Music

Sunday Studies, Vol. 1

The first in a series of modal tuning albums, Sunday Studies Vol. 1 is a sketchbook of instrumental DADDAD-tuned guitar music in the key of D. Now available wherever music is streamed or sold.

The tunes follow a trademark progression of gradually shifting scale degrees. So while all 13 tracks are in the key of D, an underlying movement driven by advanced music theories maintains the feeling of expansion and contraction from song to song.

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Brother Jimbo presents: One Silver Cup

This album takes a lot of inspiration from a famous Poet you will probably remember from childhood. These recordings are free to download and protected under fair use, but there was trouble in the past:

This project idea started as a kind of music church for people to perform poems as songs. Only these 3 tracks were ever recorded in that poem-as-song context. But a Canadian music label with the exact same idea produced an album of only this poet's works turned into songs! And they asked to include this version of "Upstairs". Synchronicity, indeed.

The label proceeded but the Poet's Estate objected. So these recordings exist in a sort of liminal state: they can't be performed, but are free to be downloaded. Enjoy.

Brother Jimbo presents:

The Musical Adventures of Little j

This compilation features several recording projects from 2005-2015. The first five tracks are So Loon songs. If you want to learn more about So Loon and the musical bicycle tour of California, visit SoLoony.com

Many great old recordings are missing here. They will appear on various B-sides not yet released. They had to be omitted for copyright reasons. But everything on The Musical Adventures of Little j is original material. 

Tracks 1-5 are So Loon, featuring Nikko Fujita on tabla and vocals. Track 7 features Busket, including Ben Mohler on guitar and Sam Mohler on drums. Track 8 features Ed Wrzesien.

You can purchase and stream this record at BrotherJimbo.bandcamp.com