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©2019 Jimbo Kennedy

Jimbo Kennedy is an Oregon-based guitarist and author.

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Guitar Masters

"I don't believe I'll hold the position of guitar hero forever. We are, after all, only a small part of the earth, and are parts of a cycle. Being a part of that clockwork, I have to do whatever I can do."

It is unwise to say too much about "Blind Joe Death." His fans are so well-informed about his brand of eccentricity, it is better to have a conversation. After all, how do you define an eccentric? This is just a start.

John Fahey's memory lives at the edge of an abyss. He revolut...

Tony has said that what makes a great guitarist is someone who plays from the soul.

Jimi was himself a drug. His music is mind-altering even today. While most worry about 'making it', he spent every ounce of energy on 'perfecting it'.

Though he fits into the same genre as Basho, Fahey, Kottke and the like, his style is all his own. His fingerstyle playing is equally at home in a large concert hall or small house concert. And the hypnotic, evocative atmospheres he creates sound almost like a harp in 3/4 time.

He almost disappeared into obsucurity. But Robbie Basho delighted listeners and students alike with his American Primitive style. From the 60s to the 80s, he played his guitar like a magical harp.

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